Aygerim & Stephan

Classic wedding on the Black Sea coast.


Wedding planner: Irina Retunskaya
Photographer: Julia Marinova
Florist: Anna Zemtsova

MUAH: Anna Rogovets

Location: Oasis Boutique Hotel



We can wholeheartedly recommend Irina and her team to anyone who’s planning a wedding in Bulgaria. We live across Netherlands and the UK, and Irina took care of everything on the ground in Varna where the wedding took place. She was always flexible and accommodating, oftentimes taking late calls with us. We also had to balance three languages and incorporate the elements of different cultures in our wedding which added a degree of complexity.

Irina has vast experience of organizing weddings of different sizes, from small ceremonies to huge weddings for several hundred people. Over years she has gathered a team of professionals who are extremely competent and dedicated to creating the wedding that will exceed your expectations. Throughout the process she was attentive to our wishes and made very good suggestions, while being mindful of costs which is always important. She thinks outside the box and doesn’t follow templates when brainstorming with the couple. For her it’s always important to make sure that the wedding day is enjoyable for everyone but most importantly for the couple themselves. What I love about Irina’s work is that she creates a truly customized experience for each couple, making the ceremony and the celebration very personal. Our wedding ceremony turned out to be very intimate and emotional, to a large extent thanks to her.


However what truly stood out is how on the day she was always on top of everything, supervising every single activity and preempting all of our wishes. It felt like she has 10 pairs of eyes controlling everything. Small example is that I had an issue with my wedding dress at some point, but before I could even blink, she was working on fixing it for me. Irina and the team carefully thought through every single detail of the timing and the layout of the wedding venue, everything was super smooth and fun, we were relaxed and able to enjoy the celebration without having to worry about anything (and we like to worry in general!). Moreover, she has become a friend who I felt comfortable to share any concerns with.


Worth mentioning that in our case, she resolved a pretty big crisis (our previous wedding planner left us without a venue a few months before the wedding), quickly finding a perfect alternative location that actually worked out better than the initial one we wanted. We are very happy that we followed her photographer and videographer recommendations: prior to meeting her, we already paid deposits to other providers, and were a bit reluctant to switch to the newly suggested ones. Being able to compare the output now, we shouldn’t have doubted her recommendations at all, the standard of the people she works with is at a whole different level.

The quality of all the deliverables was perfect: wedding decor was carefully and professionally drawn (attaching the picture), the breakdown of flower & equipment costs was super detailed and reasonable, and all the printed materials were beautifully done. The decorator even made suggestions on where we could cut some costs while preserving the visual impact, which is quite rare.

The wedding was truly unforgettable and exceeded our expectations: it was incredibly beautiful, touching and super fun, all thanks to Irina and the team. Wishing her and the team all the success, and hope they’ll make other couples as happy as they made us!