Hello, we're Irina and Anna, the Founders and Directors of Inside Wedding. We personally oversee, create and execute every wedding project at our agency.


And we have a unique approach to weddings:


- thoughtful planning with clear guidelines for our partners
Unconventional event sequencing so your day flows just how you’d like;
- ripples of joy; transitioning from emotional ceremony to evening program seamlessly;
- respect for traditions you love and support to create new ones;
- meticulous, stylish décor and eco-friendly, modern floristry for every nuptial;
- personalized service with deep, heartfelt care for you and all your guests.


We excel at classic weddings, intimate gatherings, and extravagant parties, local and bilingual ceremonies. Plus, as part of our impeccable service promise, every detail will be orchestrated by our founding team to ensure a stress-free planning process!




Allow us to shoulder the burden of planning, organizing and executing your wedding celebrations. We believe that teamwork is the key to the success of any event. So, you’ll have the full support of our founders and their network of professional florists, caterers, photographers and more.


At every stage, we’ll create an atmosphere of comfortable and harmonious interaction where the wedding preparation process is an exciting journey. You won’t be kept in the dark. Step-by-step, we’ll guide you to make all the key decisions about your nuptials and then provide experienced one-on-one event management support on your actual wedding day.

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- location selection
- reserving a date and signing a contract
- approval of a place for a wedding and a place for an outside ritual
- choosing and discussing a wedding envelope
- selection and approval of wedding furniture and tableware
- confirming the number of waiters and their duties
- approval of the timing for serving all dishes from the menu
- help with calculation and purchase of alcohol for a wedding
- selection and approval of a photographer
- selection and approval of a videographer
- selection and approval of a host
- DJ selection and approval
Decor and Floristics
- work on the concept of a wedding
- approval of the wedding concept
- preparation of all the details of the wedding (outsourced ritual, restaurant, polygraphy, etc.)
- selection and approval of floristry
Direction of a wedding
- work on the scenario of the wedding day
- wedding day planning
- preparation of scenario information for a wedding ceremony and control of the final result
- search for style, interactives and atmosphere for a wedding reception
- working together with the couple on the wedding music playlist
- work together with a wedding director
Technical equipment of the wedding
- approval and rental of sound equipment for the wedding ceremony and reception
- approval and rental of lighting for the wedding evening
- approval and reservation of the show program
- approval and reservation of fireworks or sparklers
Wedding cake
- choosing a confectioner for the wedding
- selection and approval of the cake filler
- wedding cake tasting
- approval of the decor for the cake, according to the concept of the wedding
- wedding cake logistics at the wedding location
Wedding logistics
- control and booking of transport for wedding guests
- control and reservation of transport for the newlyweds on the day of the wedding, if necessary
Wedding Stylists
- work on the couple's style
- registration and coordination on the day of the wedding of a stylist for the bride
- reservation and coordination of cosmetic services for guests (makeup and hairdos for guests)
Show program
- selection and approval of a show program (Bulgarian folklore, music bands, fire show, and others)
A wedding day
- control and coordination of all services
- help throughout the day for a couple (personal coordinator if necessary)
- resolution of any force majeure on the spot


Personalised approach


We don't follow rigid rules or templates for wedding planning and organisation. Each wedding is unique and meticulously planned down to the smallest detail.

Empathy and care


We provide a concierge service, continuously supporting all our couples online and offline, 24/7. We understand that wedding planning can be nerve-wracking and we share our couples' concerns, always ready to assist in any situation.

Clear pricing


After signing the contract, we’ll work with you to outline the core services and then create a wedding budget, which we will monitor together online, making optimisations as necessary. Our budget guarantee is established at the start of wedding preparations, for your peace of mind.

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Our wedding budgets are individually tailored for each couple, so we can't provide an exact cost for your wedding now. However, below we will share the distribution of the budget as a percentage so that it is more clear to you how services and expenses for the wedding are distributed.

30-40% Location
- location rent
- wedding Couvert
- drinks
- wedding cake
20-25% Decor
- floristry
- decorations
- furniture
- textiles
- polygraphy
20-25% Team
- leading
- DJ
- photographer
- videographer
- stylists
- the host for the outdoor ritual
- animators for children
10-15% Show program
10-15% Other costs
- accommodation
- transport costs
- gifts for guests
5-10% Technical equipment
- sound system
- lighting
- special effects
- LED screens



Devi & Anton

Irina is an absolute gem of a wedding planner! She and the team organised our Hindu ceremony and reception, and we couldn't have been happier with the results! From the very beginning, Irina displayed a deep curiosity and understanding of each specific element required for our Hindu ceremony. Her sensitivity towards the cultural traditions was truly remarkable, paying attention to the smallest details and customs. Along with the Inside Weddings team, she learned what we wanted and what we needed quickly, adapted effortlessly to the customs and ensured she had the right people to execute everything flawlessly. Irina's organisational skills are top-notch. She left no stone unturned and meticulously planned every detail of our wedding to match our vision. Her amazing attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the event, from the planning behind the decor to the timing of each step of our day. Irina gave us all the time that we needed and always gave us the peace of mind we needed ahead of the event. ....read more....
 And no Hindu wedding would be complete without an abundance of flowers. Anna took our (messy) brief of what we would like our wedding day to look like and worked her magic to make it into a fairy tale setting, exceeding any expectations we had. More importantly, she got every single detail of the floral requirements for the Hindu ceremony 100% spot-on.

   We are incredibly grateful to Irina, Anna and the Inside Weddings team, who made everything run smoothly. On the big day, we were able to be fully present in the moment, knowing that Irina had everything under control. We didn't have to worry about a single thing, and that peace of mind on our wedding day was priceless.

   We highly recommend Irina to anyone in search of a reliable wedding planner, especially for destination weddings. As for Hindu weddings, I would not trust anyone else but Irina and her team to be able to bring everything together. Her dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to making your special day perfect are truly exceptional. Irina, thank you for making our wedding an unforgettable experience. You are the best!

Sofia & Vadim

If you dream of a wedding where everything will be perfect, you should get in touch with Inside Wedding. Irina helped us organise the wedding from start to finish, beginning with choosing the venue and ending with closing all the final details and wrap up following two days of celebration. The organisation of every stage of the process was carried out with professionalism, love, and care. Irina became our true friend and a reliable partner whom we could trust completely. ....read more....
Irina also helped us choose the location remotely, but it was perfectly suited to us. In our case, it was a magical location - Utopia Forest, as if it were created especially for us.

We also received assistance in choosing all the contractors: a photographer, videographer, stylists, DJ, host, live music, and a confectioner. Each of the contractors fully met our expectations and showed a great deal of flexibility (both at the planning stage and on the day).

We received magnificent photos and a fantastic video, and the music created an atmosphere where all the guests simply couldn't stay in their seats.

The stylists deserve special thanks. Several stylists worked on the premises, allowing many guests to also get the services they desired. It was a unique service that we had not seen at other weddings. Irina developed a detailed schedule and sent it to each guest, allowing every lady to know when and where to come for hairstyling or makeup. I want to separately thank the stylist, Inna, who worked with me. Without fittings and prior communication, she created the perfect hairstyle and makeup of my dreams. It was the first time in my life when all my wishes were realised on the first try.

The entire wedding day was planned to the minute, and the script was well worked out by Irina, host Andrei, and DJ Ivan. Irina and Anna were on the site from the early morning, overseeing all the processes, which gave us confidence and allowed us to enjoy the wedding without worrying about organisational matters.

Inside Wedding has a rule: your wedding day is your day of happiness, not a day of organisation and stress. And it works perfectly.

Irina also provided concierge service and helped accommodate more than 45 guests at the Utopia Forest hotel. She stayed in touch with them, helped them prepay for their stay, choose flights and dates, and organise transportation for those who needed it, including welcoming guests arriving on the wedding day.

It is important to note Irina's ability to listen to her clients and consider all our wishes, not offering simpler or standard options. I also want to emphasise Irina's ability to take on all wedding tasks. She will never shift responsibility to others and always treats every detail with special attention. If it is important to you, Irina will listen to you and do everything in her power.

I also want to separately thank our fantastic florists and decorators working under Anna's guidance. Anna did an amazing job with the decorations and flowers. Our decorations, especially the wedding arch and ceremony decorations, were true works of art. All the flowers were ordered to our liking and left an incredible impression. It was a complex process with live flowers, but for Anna, there are no impossible tasks.

Inside Wedding realised all our dreams, creating an unforgettable wedding. The evening ceremony, complex script, unique decorations, exquisite food and drinks, concierge service for guests, assistance at every stage of the organisation, supervision of the entire wedding process, and many other details were organised without stress and with constant optimism.

Working with Inside Wedding was one of our main and best strategic decisions when organising the wedding. Thank you very much for our dream wedding and the best day of our lives! We look forward to our wedding anniversary and will organise it with you again!

Elena & Kyrill

My husband and I are one of these couples who like to do things on their own and be personally in charge of everything they plan. However, organising a big wedding on the Bulgarian seaside from abroad was too big of a challenge and we realised that we would definitely need help from a professional. That is how we started looking for a wedding planner and found Inside wedding’s website. We sere charmed by the pictures we saw and immediately contacted Irina! ....read more....
Only a week later, we were having our first online meeting with her. She simply ticked all the boxes - she had experience with international couples, vision, style, good knowledge of the top wedding locations in Bulgaria and lots of useful contacts! Her flexibility and willingness to meet outside of the usual working hours made our communication easy and efficient. Irina was clear and transparent, explaining in detail her team’s way of working and the whole organisation process step by step. She always acted with respect and lots of patience. In addition, Irina managed to provide us with multiple options to chose from and advised us without imposing her own preferences over ours. We spent a year organising our wedding together, exchanging messages on a daily basis and setting up regular video calls. Her friendliness, optimism ans sense of humour made us enjoy every interaction with her! She quickly understood what our taste and values were, which allowed her to provide a truly personalised service. Having her around on our big day was extremely pleasant and reassuring to us, but also to our families and guests. Irina managed to select an excellent team who did an amazing job - many thanks to Anna, Denis, Anna, Yana, Slava, Dian and all their colleagues working “behind the scenes”.

But above all, we appreciated how much passion and love she invested in the organisation of our wedding. We feel lucky to have found not only a great wedding planner, but also a new friend with a big heart!

Thank you, Irina!

Elena & Kyrill


Stop looking for a wedding planner now, she is the one! Trust me I did the research for you, I have spoken to all wedding planners in Bulgarina that have presentable photos and have spoken to Europeen wedding planners that are just 3x the price for the same service. Irina is the above and beyond type of person and not to mention her recommendation for vendors - those are trusted professionals that will ensure you get a top of the line wedding. It's the difference between being mugged off with tired looking plastic decoration and a professional and elegant looking real flower decoration. She runs a tight ship with excel tables on payment so you have the piece of mind that everything is locked and recorded. She understands what is important to you and will fit your budget in a way to save money from the things that are less important to dedicate more money to the things that you have dreamed about. She is a bit like Merry Poppins with magic and all - A good example is when she walked in with an iron at the hotel and ironed my husband's shirts on the day. How did she know he was struggling and where did she find an iron - magic I tell you. ...read more....
She makes sure you are having fun on the day and you really enjoy your planning process. Without Irina, we would have never been able to plan our wedding to the exceptional level that she did.

She made the whole process so simple and worked around our incredibly busy schedules. She made sure that we were always aware of what she was doing, yet we never felt overwhelmed or rushed. Irina is an absolute dream and we cannot thank her enough!

We said to her we want a unique venue that is not a conference room in a hotel - she scoured the country and drove to each location to see it in person. This is so valuable if you are not in Bulgaria. Second she knows the industry - we liked the look of one hotel in the sea side and she said look they have very poor management and despite it being a beautiful location - the food would be poor quality and the service would be poor and what that cost you can find much better - I have done a wedding there before and would not recommend doing a wedding there again. This is what you pay for - her knowledge and experience. Having a

If Irina was working in London she would be booked out for 3 years in advance.

Irina was truly everything we could ask for to help on our wedding day. She was so calm and made our day flow so easily. We had no hiccups, which is unheard of when it comes to the wedding day, everything ran so smoothly. Or maybe there were hiccups but we never found out as I assume Irina would have dealt with it.

One huge surprise on the wedding day was that she tailored our wedding ceremony with what I have told her during the planning process about our dreams and aspirations in life, about us as a couple and this made everyone cry as it was just so thoughtful and touching. This is not pain by numbers - it is an individually tailored ceremony. I would 100% recommend Irina!

Irina is amazing, she took care of every single detail of our wedding exactly the way we wanted. I wanted flowing monogram letters in the swimming pool of the hotel - I had no idea how she made it happen but she did. I said I wanted all sorts of strange and particular things like miniature honey jars with our names on them and she made it happen.  She just makes things happen - the best thing is that it is always within budget! Some of our requests were quite challenging and we had some pretty nasty last-minute setbacks like people dropping out days before the wedding and that were outside of our control but Irina managed to keep it cool and she always found the best solutions to the problems we faced. Because I really trusted her, I wasn't stressed before the wedding and on the wedding day because I knew I could count on her to take care of everything in case something didn't go as planned. We had the perfect day we always dreamed of and there is no way we could have pulled it off without her. I am so very grateful to her for everything she has done for us and I couldn't recommend her more. Without Irina, we would have never been able to plan our wedding to the exceptional level that she did.

 Here are some examples of the above and beyond work she did:

•  Took my out of this world (saw it on Instagram) request and made them happen within budget

•  Actually planned a 3 day wedding for us as we had booked the hotel for a long weekend with all our guests with events on the day before and day after the wedding

•  Helped all our guests plan their trips to Bulgaria

•  She found us a boat to take us on a ride on the day of the wedding for our photoshoot

•  She made all the hotel staff wear black formal clothes in 40 degrees heat

•  She ran across town to bring me a salad on the day of the wedding as I did not want to eat what was in my hotel

•  When the fireworks started, she kept a spot for me and my husband to have the best view

•  The entire wedding was in English and in Bulgarina - everything had to be done in both languages. From invites, menus, signs to translating our best man's speech

•  She negotiated with vendors to give us the best price and the entertainment time wise was definitely much more than we paid for

•  I asked for a flower crown for the second day of the wedding and she gave me two

Irina will always suggest everything, things you may never have thought of, she adds so much value and her and her team, to be frank, could easily be organising weddings for A-lister celebs. She’s professional, but also so loving and caring, she genuinely gets excited for your big day herself. She’s worth every penny, and apart from having the best day of your life, you’ll probably also gain a friend.

Bottom line is that if you want the wedding of your dreams you need Irina.

Here are some honorable mentions:

•  The designer Anna - she does high end luxury style wedding design on a Bulgarian budget. It is beyond me how she even exists in Bulgaria and has not been snatched up by some famous wedding planning agency in Europe. if you can get Anna - get her before she becomes famous and unbookable.

•  The host Dennis - he literally shepard the entire wedding party in two or three languages all day, from two or three venues up and down the town. He was critical in having a bilingual wedding and it felt so natural to us on the day and so important that my grandmother understood everything that we were saying. He also had a ton of surprises for us - where he played games with our friends and just made sure the wedding felt like a seamless flow and brought an extra level of fun!

•  The polography guru Yana - she literally spotted spelling mistakes in both my English and Bulgarian. The quality of her work is stunning - she printed individual menus for each of our guests. One by one. Incredible work. Not to mention that everyone took photos of her posters. Guests loved it.

•  Julia - Our photographer was just outstanding! She managed to capture a real snapshot of each part of the day and all the emotion, beautiful location, and family and friendship dynamics perfectly. She was relentless and really committed, all I saw was Julia flying around like a SWAT unit to capture all angles, drop to the ground, run up the stairs, climb a bush, at some point she was in a small fishing boat trying not to fall into the water from the rocking of the boat to capture our best moments. The wedding was so packed with activities, she did not want to miss anything and I do not think she had food or water all day. She was really committed - I loved how she captured all the beauty shots making me look amazing as well as all the fun and messy bits. She is absolutely incredible and the set of photos we recently received are beyond our expectations. She was so lovely on the day & put us both instantly at ease. It was like having one of our guests photographing us. Every single person who attended our wedding has told us how lovely & great they thought she was. She fit in with our guests so well. We couldn't recommend her enough!

•  Rosen - The bugarian folklore entertainment - that was above and beyond work - from the collection of the bride to the end of the evening with surprises. His team worked all day to ensure we have a memorable wedding. Probably they were the glue of the wedding. Surprisingly I had no phone calls or planning time with Rosen and he just delivered more than expected. All we wanted was a small entertainment in the evening - what we got was a full day of events from the team. The ceremony at the hotel made me cry as it was everything I ever dreamed of. I can not thank them enough! They made the wedding just that amount of extra!

Aygerim & Stephan

We can wholeheartedly recommend Irina and her team to anyone who’s planning a wedding in Bulgaria. We live across Netherlands and the UK, and Irina took care of everything on the ground in Varna where the wedding took place. She was always flexible and accommodating, oftentimes taking late calls with us. We also had to balance three languages and incorporate the elements of different cultures in our wedding which added a degree of complexity. ...read more....
Irina has vast experience of organizing weddings of different sizes, from small ceremonies to huge weddings for several hundred people. Over years she has gathered a team of professionals who are extremely competent and dedicated to creating the wedding that will exceed your expectations. Throughout the process she was attentive to our wishes and made very good suggestions, while being mindful of costs which is always important. She thinks outside the box and doesn’t follow templates when brainstorming with the couple. For her it’s always important to make sure that the wedding day is enjoyable for everyone but most importantly for the couple themselves. What I love about Irina’s work is that she creates a truly customized experience for each couple, making the ceremony and the celebration very personal. Our wedding ceremony turned out to be very intimate and emotional, to a large extent thanks to her.

However what truly stood out is how on the day she was always on top of everything, supervising every single activity and preempting all of our wishes. It felt like she has 10 pairs of eyes controlling everything. Small example is that I had an issue with my wedding dress at some point, but before I could even blink, she was working on fixing it for me. Irina and the team carefully thought through every single detail of the timing and the layout of the wedding venue, everything was super smooth and fun, we were relaxed and able to enjoy the celebration without having to worry about anything (and we like to worry in general!). Moreover, she has become a friend who I felt comfortable to share any concerns with.

Worth mentioning that in our case, she resolved a pretty big crisis (our previous wedding planner left us without a venue a few months before the wedding), quickly finding a perfect alternative location that actually worked out better than the initial one we wanted. We are very happy that we followed her photographer and videographer recommendations: prior to meeting her, we already paid deposits to other providers, and were a bit reluctant to switch to the newly suggested ones. Being able to compare the output now, we shouldn’t have doubted her recommendations at all, the standard of the people she works with is at a whole different level.

The quality of all the deliverables was perfect: wedding decor was carefully and professionally drawn (attaching the picture), the breakdown of flower & equipment costs was super detailed and reasonable, and all the printed materials were beautifully done. The decorator even made suggestions on where we could cut some costs while preserving the visual impact, which is quite rare.

The wedding was truly unforgettable and exceeded our expectations: it was incredibly beautiful, touching and super fun, all thanks to Irina and the team. Wishing her and the team all the success, and hope they’ll make other couples as happy as they made us!

Julia & Teodor

Even before my engagement I was dreamily looking gallery of InsideWedding events and knew that they gonna be my magical assistants in organizing my own future wedding. Looking ahead, that decision was the best one I could do for our important day. InsideWedding will do magic and help you to bring your Pinterest board to your beautiful venue in Bulgaria. They will never say «it is impossible», «venue will not agree», or «it is too complicated». They are really doing their best and convincing all the vendors to go the way you choose no matter what. ...read more....
Irina has a very hard job - she needs to be something between a magical fairy from a dream world and at the same time be a very concentrated consultant with Google Sheets, budgets, and a negotiator with a lot of complicated people. Here is her and her company’s value on the market - they stand in between making your dreams come true (you can see it in photos and atmosphere), but at the same time they are coldhearted in terms of numbers, deadlines and expenses.

We asked Irina about the very complicated wedding - an international multicultural wedding during the hard COVID restrictions and lockdowns with guests from 6 countries (including Russia and Ukraine with closed borders), 3 languages, and hard requests at every point. Irina organized everything perfectly and did her best in solving all challenges we gave to her. We were communicating almost every day with weekly Zoom meetings, we had an online office platform (which I appreciate a lot), and we wrote individual scenarios for hosts in 3 languages, we mixed traditions (Bulgarian Pitka on Ukrainian Rushnik) and she coordinated not only the whole wedding week while our guests were arriving, but also she solved a lot of small and big issues during the wedding day (even fixing electricity on the venue). Honestly, before going into organizing a wedding you can’t even imagine how many things can go wrong! You always need to have a team who gonna solve it.

I am extremely grateful to our wedding agency who became friends with me and my family, for making this day so elegant, so individual and so special. I am sure they are bringing the wedding business in Bulgaria to a brand new level.  I couldn’t imagine that level of warmth in communication with no other agency ever. And I can’t wait to share with them lots of different family events in the future!

Renate Skele - Dimitrova

It doesn’t matter what kind of project you are going to create, always remember that team comes first. My main trick is to work with amazing people. I called them hunters of new ideas and challenge seekers. You might ask me why challenge? It’s simple - whenever something is easy there is a lot of professionals but challenge might be accepted only by ones who are not afraid to spend extra time for you, looking for the best and remember there is no traffic jam on the extra mile. ...read more....
Back in 2017 I was full of ideas and looking for team who will bring them to reality. I need to admit that it was one of the biggest challenges in my life. I come from Latvia and my husband from Bulgaria and both of us living all around the world, because our life is aviation - always in the sky ? and we decide that our wedding must be in sunny Bulgaria. With our lifestyle we new that wedding organization will be hold trough WhatsApp or any other internet communication, however we decide to visit Varna to meet agencies and to get personal touch that I need to say I never get, unfortunately. I believe everyone have their own way how to work and everyone have different wishes and requirements. I’m the person that I don’t like fixed offers or same as others. As I said before, I hunt good customer service and creative people who loves challenge. Shortly before take off from Vienna airport back to work with disappointment on my eyes, Свадьба в Болгарии "Inside wedding" post came up (Instagram) on my phone, where my attention was taken away by dark hair girl who are having that special smile, smile that gives you feeling - everything is good. Irina Retunskaya I’m talking about you ? I can’t count how many voice messages we shared and how many times I disturbed you during the night, only because of another new idea came up in my mind. And Anna Zemtsova ..... girl who is more than florist, I would call her architect of flowers. She simply adore her job and that passion, love to flowers made me fell in love with you in the same day when we met. 
To all brides who read my feedback - same like you I had imagination about my wedding in my head and what was the most amazing regarding this team is that decorations and plan of the evening was made as a presentation, so I was able to see how actually will look my tables and wedding decorations and ceremony place. This team is all about details. 
Working together with Insidewedding team I have received personal touch, customer service that works 24/7 (don’t take example from me and let girls to sleep during the night), they inspired me so much that I’m ready for new challenges and I believe Varna will become my home city very soon. I think pictures will say everything about good job done.  


Words cannot express my gratitude for Irina and her AMAZING TEAM. Our wedding was something out of a fairytale. It was perfect wedding and all because of THEM.I came to them with a simple idea - Black & White Wedding - and they worked their magic and produced amazing concept based on elegance and simplicity. Irina is the most passionate, knowledgeable and kind person i have ever met. Irina is a TOP-planner and I was incredible lucky to have had her help. ...read more....
Words cannot express my gratitude for Irina and her AMAZING TEAM. Our wedding was something out of a fairytale. It was perfect wedding and all because of THEM.I came to them with a simple idea - Black & White Wedding - and they worked their magic and produced amazing concept based on elegance and simplicity. Irina is the most passionate, knowledgeable and kind person i have ever met. Irina is a TOP-planner and I was incredible lucky to have had her help.
Anna respected my input and added her special designer eye to my ideas of decorations. She was really a breath of fresh air. From selecting the best venue to connecting us with incredible vendors, outstanding attention to details, incredible results, willing to help and to plan perfectly, Irina did it all!

Getting to know Irina while planning our wedding was a real highlight for us, and she will always have a special place in our hearts and our utmost respect for pulling off all the magic she did to make our wedding day so special and full of emotions and happiness tears.

We cannot recommend Irina and her team highly enough - they are simply the BEST!

Evelina & Viktor

Wow! It’s been almost 3 months since our wedding. We would like to thank Irina, Slava and the team for their great efforts to make the wedding memorable, sincere and complete. You guys did a really great job! Our guests still comment about how wonderful it was. Not only did Irina accept the challenge of organizing our big day in the middle of Rhodope Mountains, but also didn’t fear the language barrier and cultural differences as both me and my husband come from Lithuania. We couldn’t even imagine it going so smoothly. Irina, you are amazing! ❤️ ...read more....
We are very grateful for the job you’ve done when looking for the team of professionals to work in our wedding. Their positive attitude helped us relax and party to the fullest. We could see and feel that they enjoyed the day just as much as we did. All of you became a part of our family that day ?


P.S. We would like to book your time to organize another Rhodope wedding party in 10 years when we renew our vows! 


contact us and we will get back to you soon and in detail.