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Hello, my name is Irina Retunskaya and I plan all projects of “Insidewedding - Wedding in Bulgaria”.


In 2007 I lovingly created “my weddings” in the nice city of Odessa (Ukraine) and each completed project made me understand this was just the right thing for me. It is what I want and love doing, it inspires me.


Weddings on the seashore are unique and I love them most of all. It is great to create small and heartwarming events for couples, their families and friends. Happiness loves silence.


Bulgaria is a new chapter in my life and in life of my family. Living at the sea coast is good, and working there is even better.


I have gathered a strong team and we are ready for great accomplishments! Whether it is a cozy ceremony for two or a solemn wedding for many guests - it will be done professionally, precisely and soulfully.


I really want to make use of my whole experience and knowledge,  and this goes beyond wedding planning. That is why I create a new ambitious project “InsideEvent” aimed at planning large events in Bulgaria and other magnificent places.


Say Hi to me in one of the social networks or messengers and we can discuss all the things that interest You, the wedding or Bulgaria, the peculiarities of preparations and must-haves for a wedding abroad.

WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram +359 87 622 4825

Skype live:irina.retunskaya