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I will do the rest …"


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I am a wedding planner from Ukraine (Odessa city)


In my 15 years of work (10 years in Ukraine and 5 years in Bulgaria), I have helped to made more than 1000 couples happy;


With my colleagues we have created our own unique online office;


I have studied all the pros and cons of organizing weddings in Bulgaria, but I also work with professionals from all over Europe;


I optimize the process of preparing for the wedding;


I redistribute budget items to obtain the optimal result;


I use your love story, your values  and your wishes in creating the concept, writing the script and directing the wedding;


I provide my support 24/7 as well as a "concierge service" for you and your guests before, during and after the wedding;


I speak Russian, Bulgarian and English.



My main task is to understand you as a couple, to feel you and to gather the professional team that can fully share your values. My rules of work are based on the subtle interconnection of internal principles: understanding, love, honesty, care and respect for each couple. The stories of the couples I worked with teach me to be more attentive, reasonable, sometimes calming, creative. All of these formed the basis for the creation of the wedding agency "Inside Wedding". I live in your love story. It energizes me, gives me opportunities to grow and pushes me to do crazy things. That is why for 15 years I have not changed my profession, I have not changed my attitude to family happiness, and I know that love is the main feeling for each and every one of us.



Say Hi to me in one of the social networks or messengers and we can discuss all the things that interest You, the wedding or Bulgaria, the peculiarities of preparations and must-haves for a wedding abroad.

WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram +359 87 622 4825

Skype live:irina.retunskaya

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