Julia and Teodor


Wedding planner: Irina Retunskaya

Design & Flowers: Anna Zemtsova

Photographer: Julia Marinova
Videographer: Sky Trip Studio

Location: Villa Ekaterina



Even before my engagement I was dreamily looking gallery of InsideWedding events and knew that they gonna be my magical assistants in organizing my own future wedding.

Looking ahead, that decision was the best one I could do for our important day.


InsideWedding will do magic and help you to bring your Pinterest board to your beautiful venue in Bulgaria. They will never say «it is impossible», «venue will not agree», or «it is too complicated». They are really doing their best and convincing all the vendors to go the way you choose no matter what.

Irina has a very hard job - she needs to be something between a magical fairy from a dream world and at the same time be a very concentrated consultant with Google Sheets, budgets, and a negotiator with a lot of complicated people. Here is her and her company’s value on the market - they stand in between making your dreams come true (you can see it in photos and atmosphere), but at the same time they are coldhearted in terms of numbers, deadlines and expenses.


We asked Irina about the very complicated wedding - an international multicultural wedding during the hard COVID restrictions and lockdowns with guests from 6 countries (including Russia and Ukraine with closed borders), 3 languages, and hard requests at every point. Irina organized everything perfectly and did her best in solving all challenges we gave to her. We were communicating almost every day with weekly Zoom meetings, we had an online office platform (which I appreciate a lot), and we wrote individual scenarios for hosts in 3 languages, we mixed traditions (Bulgarian Pitka on Ukrainian Rushnik) and she coordinated not only the whole wedding week while our guests were arriving, but also she solved a lot of small and big issues during the wedding day (even fixing electricity on the venue). Honestly, before going into organizing a wedding you can’t even imagine how many things can go wrong! You always need to have a team who gonna solve it.


I am extremely grateful to our wedding agency who became friends with me and my family, for making this day so elegant, so individual and so special. I am sure they are bringing the wedding business in Bulgaria to a brand new level.  I couldn’t imagine that level of warmth in communication with no other agency ever. And I can’t wait to share with them lots of different family events in the future!