Elena & Albert

Elena and Albert's wedding party in a villa in Bulgaria.


Wedding planner - Irina Retunskaya
Photographer - Alexander Medvedenko

Florist - Anna Zemtsova
Makeup and hair - Alina Dimitrova

Irina, hello! Finally, I want to thank you personally and the entire Insidewedding team from the bottom of my heart for our wedding.

And our wedding is a dream wedding. All my unmarried girlfriends want the same)), all the guests have a lot of impressions, a good shock and a lot of compliments about our wedding.


But Albert and I were from a series of newlyweds who, until the last, doubted “whether this wedding is necessary.” So, I want to tell future couples that if you contact the right team, you will not regret a bit and understand that all doubts are in vain. It's really worth it. Inside wedding = dream team.


We are a very detail-oriented couple, and Insidewedding is doubly attentive!


I am Belarusian, the groom is Armenian, there were also English-speaking guests - based on this, the wedding host, Armen, knew Russian, Armenian and English. Three languages!!! But most importantly, the guests, we (the bride and groom), Armen (the host) were a family on the wedding day, there was a feeling that we had known each other for 1000 years, although we saw the host for the first time and almost all the guests saw each other for the first time + all from different countries, different nationalities.


Decor is love at first sight. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail - every flower, coaster, napkin, etc. Everything was perfect for the atmosphere and all wishes were taken into account even in double size.


The ceremony was perfect for us (we don't like to be too whiny, but it was touching).


The photographer is a superman in his field. Everything is unobtrusive, easy, and the result is simply mesmerizing.

Girls make-up artists - so competently emphasize your features, the result - you look natural and at the same time irresistible.


This is all due to the fact that Insidewedding are really professionals in their field. In the process of work, the team is like a part of you. They feel you, understand you from a half-word, are attentive to your wishes, and for so many years of work they are well aware of all the specifics of weddings, so they are always ready to recommend the right solution. And most importantly, they really bring all your ideas of the perfect wedding to life!


Albert and I want to repeat the wedding every year (and remember, we doubted the need for a wedding (happy)) until the very end! Is it true!!! Isn't this the main indicator of inside wedding professionalism!